DAXPO Busan 2020 

September 3-4
Paradise Hotel Busan, South Korea

DAXPO Busan 2020 

September 3-4
Paradise Hotel Busan, South Korea

DAXPO Busan 2020 

September 3-4
Paradise Hotel Busan, South Korea




Digital Asset Exchange Expo

Digital assets are borderless and regulatory frameworks for digital assets call for  cross-border discussion. Coindesk Korea and Busan Metropolitan City are hosting <DAXPO Busan 2019> on September 3 to convene regulators, industry leaders and policy experts from all around the world to discuss regulatory issues  and policy developments that could contribute to a safer and more sound way industry without hindering innovation.



FATF recommendations

The Financial Action Task Force is imposing existing standards for wire transfers, commonly referred to as the “travel rule”, on blockchain transactions. Many in the industry argue that monitoring transactions on blockchains in this way is impossible or could result in untended outcomes. But this does not mean that blockchain companies don’t care about money laundering and terrorism financing.

The FATF officials, AML experts, regulators and industry leaders from around the world will discuss ways to keep digital asset from being exploited by bad actors.

Market Integrity

Preventing -money laundering and financing of terrorism are a few of the challenges the cryptoasset industry is facing. Wash trading, price manipulation, insider trading using material-non public information, embezzlement and, hacks are common concerns raised about market integrity. Leaders in the industry are well aware of these concerns and are working respectively or collaboratively to heighten compliance standards. New players such as custodians and, insurance companies joining the industry are also driving force towards market integrity.

Compliance officers from leading crypto exchanges, data scientists, cyber security experts, market analysts and, professionals from traditional finance will share their assessment on current market situation, and discuss variety of measures that are needed to enhance market integrity.

Self regulatory initiatives

Many companies in different countries are forming alliances or associations to establish standards or seeking approval from their governments to establish self regulatory organizations  SROs have been working effectively in financial sector for a long time, but in some countries the SRO model is something.new.

Industry associations from different countries will share their achievements, challenges, strategies and discuss how collaboration can positively impact this fragmented, borderless market.

Asset tokenization/Security tokens

While most blockchain companies and projects were struggling to design utility tokens to avoid security laws, more and more companies are proposing bold plans to issue and trade security tokens.

Pioneers in this new field will share their experience with regulators and their views on future of finance.


Roger Wilkins (AO)


Je-Yoon Shin


Anson Zeall

Singapore Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Industry Association(ACCESS)

Teana Baker-Taylor

Executive Director
Global Digital Finance

Patrick Kim

Founder & CEO
Sentinel Protocol

James Kim


Jay Choi


Malcolm Wright


Jason Corbett

Managing Partner
Silk Legal

Apolline Blandin

Research Manager
The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF)

Elaine Sun

Head of Compliance
Huobi Group

Alexandre Kech

Onchain Custodian

Jacqueline Kwok


Kayvon Pirestani

Institutional Sales Director

Tom Menner

Director, Solution Architecture Asia-Pacific

Junhaeng Lee

Co-Founder & CEO

Chen Arad

Solidus Labs

Jesse Spiro

Head of Policy

Roberto Machado

Product Director

Glenn Woo

Senior Director & Head of Business Development APAC

Hugh Madden

Executive Director & CEO
BC Group

Adam Vaziri


Alissa Ostrove

Chief Of Staff

Michael Ou

Founder & CEO

Amy Davine Kim

Global Policy Director
Chamber of Digital Commerce

Seimin Kuan

APAC Head of Growth

Vishal Gupta

Head of Business Development & Liquidity

Kevin Cha


Jong-Goo Yi

Self-Regulation Committee Chairman
Korea Blockchain Association

Jakub Fijolek

Co-Founder & CTO

Gin Chao


Aaron Stanley

Consensus + Live Journalism Editor

Lawrence Wintermeyer

Board Chair
Global Digital Finance

SeiHee Ava Lee

Compliance Officer

Jeffrey Song

CSO, Coinplug Inc.
CTO, Metadium Technology Inc

Rich Teo

Co-Founder & CEO of Asia

Jonathan Leong

Co-founder & CEO

Advisory Boards

The following professionals are providing advice in developing
agenda and inviting speakers to make DAXPO 2019 successful.

Je-Yoon Shin


Jaesoo Yoo

Deputy Mayor
Busan Metropolitan City

Seungjoo Kim

Graduate School of Information Study, Korea University

Louis Jinhwa Kim

Korea Blockchain Association

Hyunchul Hwang

Korea Finance & Technology Association

Tammy Tae-hyon Ahn

Managing Partner
Jenga K

Francisco Jo

CEO & Partner
Blockwater Management

Teana Baker-Taylor

Executive Director
Global Digital Finance

Hoseok Jung

Managing Partner & Lawyer


 Sep. 2


Welcome Dinner hosted by Coindesk Korea (Invitation only)

2F Grand Ballroom

 Sep. 3


Registration & Networking


Summit Introduction: Digital assets and the new asset intelligence: Gateway to transparency, inclusion and next generation growth.

Opening Remarks and Summary for the day


An Introduction to The Financial Action Task Force

The esteemed past presidents of FATF will elaborate on what the FATF is, their mission and mandate and the challenges they are tasked with solving.


Amy Davine Kim, Global Policy Director, The Chamber of Digital Commerce


Je-Yoon Shin, President, FATF (2015-2016)

Roger Wilkins(AO), President, FATF (2014-2015) 


New FATF guidelines: What do they mean for cryptoasset participants?

The current FATF secretariat will present the new guidance and elaborate on FATF’s expectations around policy and legislative implementation and the development of the technical solution to ensure compliance.


Malcolm Wright, CCO, Diginex



Real case money laundering analysis: How the bad actors are exploiting the network

Sentinel Protocol is a crowd-sourced threat intelligence platform which is currently collaborating with a number of law enforcement agencies in different jurisdictions to track down crypto crimes. Sentinel Protocol will present their analysis of an on-going $3 billion dollars crypto fraud case and measures needed to trace the bad guys and protect investors.


Patrick Kim, Founder & CEO, Sentinel Protocol



Coffee Break


Complying with FATF Guidelines: An industry view

Following the adoption by the FATF of new recommendations for Virtual Asset Service Providers in June, our panelists will discuss how the industry is approaching a compliant solution for VASP’s to adhere to the new guidelines, including how to securely share and receive customer data and adopt standards around reporting suspicious activity.


Jason Corbett, Managing Partner, Silk Legal


Malcolm Wright, CCO, Diginex

Jesse Spiro, Head of Policy, Chainalysis

Kevin Cha, CEO, Coinone

Jonathan Leong, Co-founder & CEO, BTSE



Technical Solutions to address FATF Guidelines

The new FATF recommendations require for Virtual Asset Service Providers to securely share and receive customer data and report suspicious activity. This panel of technical experts will discuss the requirements for a compliant solution.


SeiHee Ava Lee, Compliance Officer, Bithumb


Patrick Kim,Founder & CEO, Sentinel Protocol

Michael Ou, Founder & CEO, CoolBitX

Jakub Fijolek, Co-founder & CTO, Coinfirm



Research Presentation: The Global Cryptoasset Regulatory Landscape Study

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance recently conducted an in-depth examination of 23 jurisdictions providing a comprehensive analysis that contrasts various regulatory approaches in order to shed light on regulatory challenges and opportunities.


Apolline Blandin, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance



Lunch for Attendee sponsored by BTSE
Speakers Lunch hosted by GOPAX (Invitation only)


Research Presentation: Assessing Trusted Volume - An Industry Benchmark

In response to growing industry concern sparked by research identifying inflated trade volumes created by wash trading and other strategies such as spoofing and incentivized trading schemes, CryptoCompare has launched an Exchange Benchmark product that ranks over 100 crypto spot exchanges worldwide.


Alissa Ostrove, Chief Of Staff, CryptoCompare 



Market Integrity: Ethics & Trust

Questions around market integrity and opacity persist as major obstacles to instilling confidence in the crypto markets.

As the cryptoasset market grows, how do we address concerns around reputational risk and a lack of trust within what is lauded as a ‘trustless’ system. Our panel will discuss market surveillance, data integrity, and the steps their businesses are taking to promote transparent and fair markets.


Alissa Ostrove, Chief Of Staff, CryptoCompare


Elaine Sun, Head of Compliance, Huobi Group

Chen Arad, CMO, Solidus Labs

Junhaeng Lee, CEO, Gopax

James Kim, Co-Founder, Crossangle

Jay Choi, Co-Founder, Lyze



Research Presentation: New techniques for detection of illicit activity

The Elliptic Data Set is the world’s largest set of labeled transaction data publicly available in any cryptocurrency, developed to motivate and enable the development of new techniques for detection of illicit cryptocurrency transactions. Elliptic scientists will present their recently published paper co-authored with researchers from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab: The “Anti-Money Laundering in Bitcoin: Experiments with Graph Convolutional Networks for Financial Forensics”


Seimin Kuan, APAC Head of Growth, Elliptic


Global Standards & Best Practices: Enabling Self Regulating Governance

Creating conduct and operating standards for cryptoassets and digital finance technologies is an important step in establishing a shared rulebook amongst market participants and gaining the credibility required with policy makers and regulators to enable adopted and support self-regulating governance initiatives.

Global Digital Finance will present the outcomes of a community-led consensus approach to articulating best practices with input from the global regulatory community.


Teana Baker Taylor, Executive Director, Global Digital Finance


Maturation of Crypto: The role of self-regulating organisations industry standards

As legal and regulatory frameworks continue to develop, how does the industry demonstrate to their peers, the market and policy makers that crypto is growing up and evolving into a sustainable asset class?
Market integrity and sound governance begin with establishing best practices leading to conduct standards which can be measured for efficacy. This panel of industry advocates will discuss how they are working to promote transparency, accountability and consumer protection standards in partnership with market participants, policymakers and regulators.


Lawrence Wintermeyer, Board Chair, Global Digital Finance 


Anson Zeall, Chairman, ACCESS

Jong-Goo Yi, Self-Regulation Committee Chairman, Korea Blockchain Association

Amy Davine Kim, Global Policy Director, The Chamber of Digital Commerce



Coffee Break


Safeguarding Customer Assets: the role of the crypto custodian

Custody remains an important obstacle in the crypto industry. Bearer instrument cryptographic keys present unique obstacles to traditional custody providers.
Custodian experts in both traditional finance and digital assets will discuss building solutions designed for institutional safekeeping, how to ensure security while balancing accessibility and lessons learned from recent hacks and system breaches.


Jeffrey SongCSO, Coinplug Inc.


Kayvon Pirestani, Institutional Sales Director, Coinbase

Alexandre Kech, CEO, Onchain Custodian

Roberto Machado,  Product Director, CYBAVO

Glenn Woo, Senior Director & Head of Business Development APAC, Ledger


Security Tokens: the Institutional Capital On-Ramp?

The ICO boom led to an innovation and capital raising boom, however projects are now under scrutiny by Securities regulators around the world. This uncertainty has kept institutional capital on the sidelines. As traditional finance and digital asset finance continue their head-on collision, securities tokens may offer the next wave of innovation.


Hugh Madden, Executive Director & CEO, BC Group 


Adam Vaziri, CEO, Blockpass

Jacqueline Kwok, Director, Securitize

Ivan Anastassov, Head of Business Development, Smart Valor



Case Study: Building an Enterprise Grade Digital Asset Platform

SIX Group, the Swiss stock exchange operator, chose R3’s Corda Enterprise platform as the underlying blockchain for their digital asset trading, settlement, and custody service it is building after assessing the various (DLT) stacks available.
R3 will present why their technology was the best fit for SIX, with technology designed for a highly regulated space supported by the open-source Corda ecosystem.


Tom Menner, Director, Solution Architecture Asia-Pacific, R3



The State of Stablecoins: Can Stablecoins Solve Token Volatility?

Some view tokens and digital assets as evolutionary, but they are still highly volatile. Is a cryptoasset without volatility really achievable and what value do these tokens hold outside of crypto markets? What use-cases hold the greatest promise? As stablecoins explode on the scene and corporate coins emerge, our panel discusses graduating from arbitrage to enterprise.

Enterprises are tokenizing—be it for capital formation, payments or customer loyalty. How will tokenization and decentralized systems impact existing business models and processes? The panel will debate what is truly at stake as Stablecoins and Corporate tokens to come of age and emerge as a useable digital asset instrument.


Aaron Stanley, Consensus + Live Journalism Editor, Coindesk


Kayvon Pirestani, Institutional Sales Director, Coinbase

Rich Teo, Co-Founder & CEO of Asia, Paxos

Vishal Gupta, Head of Business Development & Liquidity, Circle

Gin Chao, CSO, Binance



Closing Remarks


After Party hosted by Coinplug

33F Drawing Room


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